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Functional medicine is the medicine of the future. Dr. Glenn Hyman’s Chiropractic in Denver complete Wellness program focused on providing you with better health and a better way of life by educating and applying true principles of chiropractic wellness care in Denver colorado CO.

Being really healthy is like listening to a good orchestra, all the instruments sound good and are synchronized. Likewise, all parts of your biology and your genetic code interact with each other and with the environment (especially with what you eat). If everything works well the result is health and wellness.​

Truth about functional medicine expert

It is a new approach to medicine that focuses not on disease, but on the patient and the functional status of their major body systems. It is a radical change in the approach of modern medicine.​

The conventional approach fragments the human body according to health specialties. For example, An expert in his area of work does not know much about other systems. It is clear that analyzing the different parts in depth is something positive. The problem comes when you lose sight of the whole and treat the different parts as something separate from the rest.​

​This lack of vision can lead to treatments as meaningless as the intervention to remove the sweat glands in order to prevent body odor. Odor is a biochemical problem and removing these glands alone will bring more problems in the long run.

Knowing that the body is a set of organs and systems that operate in an interdependent and synchronized way has two implications of great relevance:​

  • We cannot really be healthy if any of the body parts do not work optimally because the whole set is affected.
  • If a certain organ or system presents symptoms of disease, the cause does not necessarily have to be in the same part since everything is related.

The death of some myth by functional medicine

Diseases do not matter because they do not exist. According to functional medicine, diseases and their symptoms are not important when it comes to knowing what is really wrong. For example, if a person has cancer, it means that it presents a specific "symptomatology" but it does not tell us anything about the causes, which can be very different. In turn, the same factor can cause many diseases.​

"Diseases" are just a way of classifying people according to their symptoms to give them certain medications, but they do not tell us anything about the cause. Depending on the disease, medications or other medications are administered to "manage" these symptoms in the short term, but because the actual causes are not treated, conventional treatments only make the situation worse in the long run. It's a wrong model.​

Instead of asking what symptoms you have (disease) to see what medication to take, we must ask ourselves why the disease has occurred - what are the underlying causes. Disease is a system problem and, therefore, we must treat the system not the symptom; The cause, not the disease.

The new road map of medicine is not based on the traditional approach of naming and diagnosing diseases, but on analyzing the state of the different physiological systems that in fact underlie all diseases.

Medicine of the future

This is the approach of the medicine of the future called functional medicine. A personalized medicine that is based on maintaining optimal conditions the following parameters or keys to health:​

  • Optimize nutrition
  • Balancing hormones and neurotransmitters
  • Reduce the inflammatory response
  • Improve digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • Improve body detoxification
  • Increase metabolic energy
  • Relax the mind

Chiropractic Denver CO Wellness Center

There are no shortcuts to obtaining true health. Taking an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, or antihistamine is bread for today and hungry for tomorrow. The real solution involves changes in our lifestyle.​

To overcome the disease, improves the 7 basic systems with the help of your functional and Nutrition medicine expert Chiropractic Denver Co and the body will do the rest.​

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