Guitar Lessons For Beginners In Edmonton

The Basics of Holding a Guitar

Beginners guitar lessons in Edmonton provide a lot of value for the uprising guitarist, beginning with the basics such as how to hold one’s guitar.

There are several different ways in which you can hold your guitar, but the most common way is to simply place it on your right leg (or the left one, if you’re not right handed). This is called the casual method.

     Casual Method

While sitting, pull it close to your body and don’t let it slide down your leg. It is also important to sit up straight, which will help you to hold the guitar much easier. For a beginner it is recommended to use a footstool, which is usually a pretty cheap and a very useful tool. You can purchase it for about $15-20 in any music store, and it will help you to hold the guitar on your lap, because the leg will be raised higher and you’ll have a more comfortable position to play for a longer period of time.

When using the casual method of holding the guitar, you need to make sure to bring the arm that you play with securely around your guitar to press it closer to your body, which will allow you to keep it in the best position possible. Guitar Lessons in Edmonton also teach other types of guitar playing.

   Classical Method

The next way in which you can hold your guitar is the classical method. Using this method you won’t be able to play for a long time, if you do not have a guitar strap around your neck, but it will help you to reach all the notes on the fret board much better. Frets are the metallic bands that are placed along the neck of your guitar. It is very easy to understand their alignment, as the first fret, if you are right handed, is the one furthest to the left side; the next one on the right of the first fret is the second one, and so on. For this method you need to put your footstool under your left leg (if you are right handed) and place the neck of your guitar on the opposite leg, than in the casual method.

    Guitar Strap

For the third method of holding your guitar you will need a guitar strap, as this is for playing while standing. A simple guitar strap for a beginner can be purchased at any music store for about $7. If you want to buy a real leather strap, that will basically serve you for a lifetime, you can get one for up to $200, but there is really no need, if you’re not a major rock star. A decent guitar strap that costs about $20 will be a great investment for your guitar lessons and for playing while standing.

When you’ll be playing your guitar with the strap while standing, you’ll see that the guitar barely moves up or down. If you’re thinking about performing while standing, make sure to practice the same way.

It is also very important for a beginner to try out all of these methods to recognize the one that fits the best and allows playing more efficiently and for a longer period of time.

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