How To Reverse Receding Gum Line Naturally?

Many people have gum recession. Not knowing how to identify the symptoms, not just treat it. If not detected and treated in early stages then receding gums can cause early tooth loss. The most typical reason gum recession is a plaque, the film of bacteria accumulates on the tooth. Read today Gum Disease Receding Gums Treatment at home.

Preventative Tips To Reverse Receding Gums

Brushing the teeth

Regular brushing is necessary to reverse receding gums because it improves blood flow. You should brush your teeth before bedtime and after awakening, if possible, always brush after eating.

Avoid aggressively brushing your teeth. The preferred method is to brush across the teeth surfaces using mild, circular movements. Also brush along the gumline, because bacteria enter below this line. Using a small head soft bristles toothbrush is a good idea. The electronic toothbrush is also much better since it has controlled movements and smaller heads.


Just like brushing, flossing regularly is also more important. Flossing can eliminate plaque which is built up under the gums and between the teeth. Use flosses after every brushing, which should ideally be after every meal.

Gum massage

Finally, massage the gums in a circular motion will improve gums health. To massage them, place your forefinger and thumb on each side of the mouth, then rub them lightly on all gums.

Natural Methods To Improve Receding Gums


Rinse with essential oils like sage, pepper, and clove on a regular basis is an excellent way to control bacteria that can induce gum recession.

Rinse your mouth with a solution of one to one water and hydrogen peroxide for 30 seconds. This helps to wash out bacteria in your mouth. You should not try this more than thrice weekly.

Baking soda

You may also massage your gumline with a paste made with water and baking soda. This helps take out bacteria and stimulate your receded gums to regrow back.

Oil pulling

The oil pulling is a natural technique that is said to reverse the gum recession and even help regrow tissue.

The process includes take a tablespoon of pure sesame oil or coconut oil, move it around your mouth, suck oil and "pull" through your teeth repeatedly for ten to twenty minutes till the oil is thin and is made white. Then you should spit and rinse your mouth with water to ensure that all bacteria were removed from the mouth. Perform this process twice daily can speed up healing process of receded gums. You should do this before meals before eating anything.

Raw fruits and vegetable

Eating fresh vegetables and fruit, that are packed with minerals and vitamins, help in exercise the gums and teeth also can be useful to regrow receding gum line. Choose vegetables and fruit rich in carotene and vitamin C.

Avoid sugary foods

Avoid eating sweets, sugary drinks and sodas. Sugar has a tendency to weaken the teeth and nourish bacteria. You must avoid alcohol, caffeine, junk foods, and white flour based products.

Not all gum recession develops into periodontitis. On the other hand, it is a gateway to other severe periodontal disease. Bleeding caused by gum recession favors the growth of gum disease.

Naturessmile gum paste

Massage with Naturessmile gum paste is also very effective in treating receded gum line. Naturessmile is made with 100 percent natural ingredents that are highly effective in fighting with bad bacteria in your mouth. When you quit bacteria, you quit receding gums. A regular use of Naturessmile gum paste for some days will regrow receding gums naturally.

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